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John Mahama defends Sammy Gyamfi’s ‘insensitive’ tweet

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John Mahama defends Sammy Gyamfi’s ‘insensitive’ tweet

The former President of Ghana and Flag bearer of the Opposition , H.E. has set out to defend and justify what many Ghanaians have described as insensitive tweet by the party’s National Communications Officer .


Sammy Gyamfi shared a cartoon via his tweeter page that sought to draw a link between the painful death of and the registration of a new voter’s ID card by the .

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Despite the attempt of many people to make him take down the tweet, Sammy Gyamfi has provided a lot of justifications and has called those who have problem with the art work as ‘having understanding problem’.

According to the former president, Ghanaians are only playing double standard for describing the cartoon as insensitive.

See the post on his Facebook page below:



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