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Jon Germain receives endorsement from Chris Martin of Coldplay


Jon Germain receives endorsement from Chris Martin of Coldplay

He said the internationally renowned artiste texted him several times about a week ago expressing his love for the song, saying he could not stop listening to it.

“He did. It went on and on. It’s like a whole text message about two pages full. He went on and on about the Quiver song and how he likes the song and all that, how he loves it and he can’t stop listening to it.

Jon Germain recalled Chris Martin singing ‘What ever it takes, What ever it takes,’ lines from In My Head, but Germain said it was clear he (Chris) was listening to two of his songs but apparently in love with Quiver.

Jon Germain indicated that, this is a huge endorsement for him and that he has been overwhelmed by Chris Martin’s message adding, “…the fact he says he loves my music, that’s serious, that’s crazy.”

He revealed that before the text messages, they had been communicating for a while, hoping to record a song with him.

“Working on a song together is something I told him about probably about a year ago but it sounded kind of funny to him because then he hadn’t heard my songs so when I told him I would want us to work on a song together he said ‘really, ok cool’… but after he heard my song he said we could talk…,” he said.

Gone international

Chris Martin, leader of the world renowned music group Coldplay

Jon Germain released his maiden album This is who I am in November 2009 and was subsequently signed by world renowned record label EMI and World Viewer Records, both based in Los Angeles in April 2010.

He disclosed that he has signed a deal with the record labels to re-record some of the songs on the album with some American artistes for release in the US.

Jon told Hitz Entertainment News that he is currently preparing to travel to US as soon as the studio recording time is confirmed but before then, he has recorded new songs with Keywa, Trembling Heart, Time, Forever and others which he will be sending to the labels for approval.

“If they approve of it, they will still be re-recorded by Vassal Benford… who is arguably the most successful record producer in music history,” he emphasized.

The very hopeful Jon Germain said, “All my life… all I have ever dreamt about is to win a Grammy; TV presenting all these things by accident. I wish I would win a Grammy.”

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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