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Jon Germain to finally release second album in November


Jon Germain to finally release second album in November

Musician Jon Germain has set a new date for the release of his second album, ENiGMA after an initial release date of February 2012 could not be met.

The pop, rock and R& artiste had told in an interview in January 2012 that, after a successful entry into the Ghanaian music scene with the album, This Is Who I Am, in 2009, he was ready to add to that glory.

Six months down the line, Jon Germain explained to that the delay was necessitated by his management’s decision to give Ghanaians a great album.

“My manager thinks by then everything will be ready,” he said adding, “In two months, I will release a second single In Her Arms, my album will be out after that.”

“I am back in the studio to finish the last four songs on the album, which features UK rock singer Charlie Corrie, Award winning UK dance and house group SUPAFLY, US/GH artiste, Lighter and a US rapper for my last song. The US rapper is a surprise,” Jon disclosed.

Jon, who is widely known for his radio and television presenting prowess, stunned Ghanaians when he announced he was going into music, a passion he said he had harboured for years.

The ENiGMA album has 15 songs – six rock, five R&b, two dance and two remakes from the first album.

Apart from Tell Me which was released months ago, the album also has interesting tracks such as Bitter, Trembling Heart, With Great Intent, Time, and Tonight We Making A Baby.

He explained in the January interview that the title of the album, ENiGMA “means someone or a person or a thing that is mysterious, puzzling and difficult to understand. It seems after the release of my [first] album, people saw me as such.”

Ahead of the release, John Germain has released the the >Tell Me single. The video was directored by Nana Kofi Asihene.



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