Joselyn Dumas’ Show Premieres On Joy Prime

Joselyn Dumas’ Show Premieres On Joy Prime

‘Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas’ moves to the Joy Prime channel on MultiTV.

Ghanaian actress and on-air personality, Joselyn Dumas has a new show on Multi TV. Furthermore, the show over the months gained great attention from the public.


Moreover, Joeslyn joined The Multimedia Group recently. Therefore, she is carving a niche for herself on radio as the co-host of Drive Time on Joy FM.

Also, the actress will satisfy TV viewers with ‘Keeping It Real with’. She believes this is the perfect gift to give on the MultiTV channel.

According to Joselyn Dumas, the show serves as a platform for women to share common stories and struggles.

“We wanted to do something different that hasn’t been done before on Ghanaian Television. So we came up with a concept of just having likeminded women sitting together and talking about things that concern women.”

‘Keeping It Real with’ airs on the Joy Prime on Multi-TV at 8 pm on Sundays

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