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Journalist Umaru Sanda celebrates the Lawyer who brought him into the limelight


Journalist Umaru Sanda celebrates the Lawyer who brought him into the limelight

Umaru Sanda Amadu has celebrated his lawyer and colleague journalist, selorm on the occasion of his birthday.

He wrote:

I entered Citi FM 10 years ago with a Diploma Certificate, which meant, I was a half cooked professional journalist. I needed good coaching and God had already chosen one for me upon my entry. This man, was on my interview panel. He was the News Editor at the time, and I couldn’t have had a better person to learn from.

He threw me in the deep end and watched me struggle to dry land where I now stand side by side with him. He called a taxi one day and carried me to Databank where he opened an investment account for me. He actually paid the seed money of 50 Cedis (that’s a quarter of my monthly NSS allowance which at the time was 200 Cedis) and asked me to maintain it.

Today, not only is that account growing and supporting my finances, my profession is growing to the glory of the Lord. He hasn’t fully left the newsroom but he’s a lawyer now and I know his dedication would take him places. Hopefully, when I enter the law profession, I have another “shoulder” to lean on. And if my mischief lands me in contempt of court, I know he’s there for me. Lol.

It is his birthday today and I urge you to please help me celebrate one of the men who made me, Selorm Adonoo. Kaizen!


See the photo below:

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