Joyce Blessing Apologizes To Joyful Way Inc.

462745300_771249Gospel musician Joyce Blessing who has come under intense pressure for reproducing Wahenni To Rentwa Da, a song originally written and performed by Joyful way Inc. has unofficially through Hello Entertainment Review apologized to Joyful Way Inc., rightful composers and owners of Wahenni To Rentwa Da and pleaded for an out of court settlement as she believes the issue should not go that far.

Joyce Blessing disclosed she had no idea the song belonged to Joyful way Inc. and thought it was an old Presbyterian Hymn. She is quoted as saying; “I grew up singing this song during my J.Y and schooling days, it was my favourite so I assumed it was a Presbyterian Hymn.”

The gospel singer accepted breaching the copyright laws and pleaded to collaborate with Joyful Way Inc and their lawyers to settle issue amicably.

She stated she could not bear the embarrassment and the long court process and therefore pleaded for a better way of settling the case: “I can’t bear the embarrassment in court so am pleading with them we settle the issue out of court.”


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