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Juggling music, medicine difficult but I love saving lives more – Knii Lante


Juggling music, medicine difficult but I love saving lives more – Knii Lante

Knii Lante

Musician Knii Lante born Nii Okunka Blankson says sharing his time as a medical doctor and musician is his biggest challenge so far.

In an interview with Lexis Bill on the ‘Behind the Fame’ segment on the Drive Time show on Joy 99.7 FM, he shared how difficult it is juggling his two professions.

“Sometimes you have to stop what you’re doing in the studio and answer to a call or something relating to medicine. When an inspiration comes and you break it, it’s very hard to get back to the level at which you were operating in the studio,” he said.

He added that once he goes out to attend ti something he gets back and “then your writings become messed up which can get you really angry and depressed.”

Knii Lante said the satisfaction of having to take care of someone and seeing that smile on the person’s face is enough takes calm the angry nerves when he returns to the studio knowing he has to start all over again.

“It even rejuvenates you to come out with some passionate and serious lines,” he said.

The musician who recently has a new single ‘You’ which features budding female musician Feli Nuna also shared how it feels to lose a patient as a doctor.

“Psychologically, you need to have a philosophy which guides you; for some people, it’s religion and for others, it’s a philosophical thing because some of those situations are very depressing. To lose a patient is not easy and you keep thinking about it.

“I try to do my best when I meet these kinds of situations so, at the end my conscience is clear and I say God gave and God takes and move on,” he said. Explaining how he breaks news regarding the passing of a person to the family, he said, “it’s a crazy situation because if you don’t take time, you might break down yourself due to all the crying and emotional outburst around you.”

“You have to let the people understand that death is a part of life and every man is born to live and die at a point. You need to firm up, get focused and with empathy deliver the news.”

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