Juliet Ibrahim Indirectly Jabs Iceberg Slim For ‘Dumping’ Her?

Juliet Ibrahim Indirectly Jabs Iceberg Slim For ‘Dumping’ Her?

It’s been several months now since rumors broke out that the romantic affair between actress Juliet Ibrahim and Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim has hit the rocks.

The two had made public their affair last year, after secretly dating for a while. They had massively flaunted their love on social media and were almost always seen together.

 However, all that didn’t last as rumors now have it that they have broken up. None of them has come out to either confirm of deny the rumors though. But less is seen or heard from them for months now.

Juliet and Iceberg Slim

Some fans of the couple believe they are still together but have decided to keep their relationship off social media. However, thorough checks on the social media pages, where they usually flaunted their photos, especially on Instagram shows those love photos are no more. Especially on the IG page of Juliet, who never went a day without posting any photos or saying something nice about their love.

All the pictures she took with Iceberg have been taken off her Instagram page. The only ones she has there are those of the perfume company, Oroes, for which both are brand ambassadors.

In a latest post by Juliet Ibrahim sighted by Ghaflagh.com, it’s obvious that their romantic relationship has collapsed. That’s if her caption has any relation with Iceberg Slim.

Some of her followers, also believe her caption was directed at the ‘Oluwa’ crooner.

The actress shared  beautiful photo of herself in a pink dress with the caption;

“After interacting with some human beings, you’ll understand why Noah saved more animals on the Ark.”

Check out Juliet Ibrahim’s Instagram post;



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