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Just in: Comedian Waris lands on a huge sponsorship deal with


Just in: Comedian Waris lands on a huge sponsorship deal with

Just when there were high expectations that the new global pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID-19) will shut down many careers in several industries not leaving out the comedy industry, Comedian Waris, one of Ghana`s fastest rising comedy star, just grabbed for himself another huge contract with Faxe Beer; one of the leading beverage distributors in Ghana.

Abdul Waris Omaru, popularly known as Comedian Waris over the years since his introduction into the comedy space has surprised many with his outstanding performances on differing platforms such as Laughline Comedy Show and Comedy Express, and has gained for himself a lot of followers globally. He is also best known for his creative mind in the production of contents that perfectly suits all trending issues, either to entertain, or to educate the mass.

As influential as Comedian Waris is, he was contracted by the management of Faxe Beer on May 8, 2020, to be the brand influencer for the company.


The production of his contents without a doubt have caught a lot of attention across all social media platforms. We therefore believe strongly that his contents will contribute significantly to the success of Faxe Beer.

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