Kalybos Raises Demand For Men’s Hat

imagesThe Chief Executive Officer of Chapter One Classics, Leslie Wiredu has said it’s about time men’s hats are Africanized in order to send a story to the rest of the world that Africans also have a story to tell when it comes to fashion.

Leslie Wiredu explained to Flex newspaper that the demand for men’s hat lately has been incredible and beats his imagination though he added that he saw this day coming when he saw a character in the ‘Boys Kasa’ series.

He said that the lead character in the comedy skit by name Kalybos uses different hats in the series although almost of all the hats Kalybos has seen are all from foreign designs.

The gifted designer commended the costumers of the character but advised that though the demand for men’s hats are on the high, Africans should make sure they bring it home by using African prints and styles to help export as well.

The C.E.O of Chapter One Classics, a clothing line in Ghana explained, “It’s about time we also exported the to rest of the world, made in Ghana fashion accessories.”

When asked why the sudden demand for men’s hat, the designer said he asked his clients and everyone gave him the same answer “I love how Kalybos rocks his, on TV.”

In a related news, the Chapter One Fashion Label continues to chalk success with their music and movie costuming business with great artistes on the continent trooping in their premises to be costumed with the latest being Edem’s ‘Koene’ remix which features Ice Prince from Nigeria and others from the continent.

Giving insight on the video and what to expect, Leslie Wiredu said he is excited for the fashion industry in Ghana because he is sure his firm is making a huge statement for the nation Ghana and in addition.

Asking Ghanaians to wait and see the video totally costumed by a Ghanaian and everything made in Ghana by Chapter One Classics.



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