Katt Williams accused of Substance Abuse
Photo credit: facebook

Katt Williams accused of Substance Abuse

Photo credit: facebook
Photo credit: facebook

Just days after reality star Hazel-E confirmed she had to put the brakes on her romance with comedian Katt Williams because of his bizarre behavior as of late, it appears someone else is speaking out about Katt’s current status.

While Hazel seems to think Katt’s problem is serious anger issues, a rapper has accused him of substance abuse.

Katt got jumped by a few men in Philly after he hopped on the stage during a Beanie Siegel concert, and now one of those who assaulted the comedian is accusing him of being high when the situation went down.

Philly rapper Rapper Boone recently opened about the Katt situation to the Breakfast Club crew.

Inquisitr writes:

During a “Rumor Report” interview with the Breakfast Club, Boone elaborates his position on Katt Williams’ “situation.” According to Boone, that night, he was the guy in the red jacket who was “stomping out” Katt Williams. The rapper notes that Williams came at his brother, and he wasn’t tolerating that behavior.

Likewise, Boone also mentioned that Katt seemed to have been hyped up on “dog food,” which is street slang for “heroin.” Specifically, the Philly rapper quoted as follows.

“He [Katt Williams] was trippin’ out. He was on ‘dog food’, man. That boy was on drugs. We’re sitting up here having a good time…performing songs, and he was taking people’s attention all night. Lil’ Mo got up to perform, and he on stage doing push-ups while she performing. Then, I went up there…and he come out with me. So, I’m just looking him. I go to the crowd and was like, ‘What, he don’t know me out here, y’all?’

“The crowd starts going crazy, and this fool starts taking off his jacket and all that. So, we were laughing at him. I’m thinking that he’s playing. Then, Sigel was like, ‘Aight y’all, thanks for coming out’. And this fool comes out of nowhere and tries to ‘karate kick’ my brother. [After that]…We did him dirty, man.”

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