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Years back, Alec Godwin and wife,Kefee , parted ways on the ground of irreconcilable differences.

Recall it was in the news then that Alec was a wife batterer and pretty Kefee had to leave her matrimonial home to avoid being disfigured.

Their marriage lasted for three years: from 2005 to 2008.

The union had no offspring.

The latest gist now is that, Alec Godwin got his groove back after the messy divorce and remarried.

He got married on Saturday January 28th,2012 to a beautiful damsel.

In an interview Alex Godwin granted in February 2009,he spoke about how Kefee broke his heart.

was behind the break up. It may sound funny to people. When we heard issues, we felt it was the Devil fighting us not to get married. I guess our folks could see better than us. Our folks didn't want the marriage to go on. We had so many challenges, even during courtship.

During and after the marriage, there were still many challenges. It was a battle all the way. We had concoctions wrapped as gifts during our wedding. It was that bad. A lot of people made it known they weren't in support of the marriage.

I met Kefee a virgin. That was what made me loved her the more. I never saw her as an indecent girl. If I had seen her as a wayward girl, I don't think I would have married her.

She told me that the fact that she was circumcised made her not to enjoy sex. I believed her. She would cry each time we made love. She would just lie on the bed and tell me to do whatever I wanted. I couldn't be an animal, so I didn't do anything with her most of the time. It was terrible. I told her we should see the pastor or a psychologist, but she said we shouldn?t tell anybody about such things.

I tolerated this thing for a long time.

Kefee was even the one that suggested that I should indulge in extra marital affairs. I thought she was silly, but she would encourage me and tell me to go ahead and come back and give her the details.

The situation worsen on March 16, 2008, on a Sunday morning. There was a programme in Abuja and she was supposed to go and minister in church. She said there was no need for me to join her and that I should just drop her at the airport and come and pick her up when she came back. I agreed. But when she came back from Abuja, I started noticing some changes.

Kefee never liked staying at home alone. But since she came back, Kefee could afford to stay alone and she was always with her phone. It was strange. For the first time, Kefee would walk away while we are recording.

She would be away for at least an hour and would know where she was. She was always telling me she was playing games on
her phone or that she was holding family meeting with her mom on the phone. I never really bought those excuses. After about two or three weeks, I had to investigate her phone. It was all about her phone. As she slept one night, I went through her inbox and the first message I saw was sent to her by a man called Uche. It reads, How can you continue to stay with a man you say you don't love?? She replied with, I have to take this step by step. We can't rush this. I promise I will get out. I love you I read a lot of things about babies in the text messages. It was obvious that she had told him we didn?t have a child. He kept telling her how he was going to give her twins from their first intercourse.

I thought the fault was from me, that probably there were some things I wasn?t doing right. I had to buy her things, take her out and do all manner of things to rekindle my love. I didn't even raise the texts I read. I pretended as if I didn't know about it. I made her assure me of her love and she did. I checked her phone again the third day and the guy was telling her he was coming to Lagos and he would make her feel like a real . I knew that if I didn't speak out, she might sneak out to meet him. I called her and told her I already knew what was going on. I thought she would apologise, but she never said anything. By the time she said something after a long silence, she said we had to forget about it. I was shocked. She told me that for her to feel something for the guy meant that it couldn't have been love that we had. Honestly, I started begging her, but she said it was over. I told her to take her time before she took any decision. She was still communicating with the guy and there was nothing I could do about it. If I got really angry and shouted, she would tell me that if I wanted, she would leave the house immediately.

I have never laid my hands on Kefee. Probably she wanted me to, but I never did. The closest I got to doing so was on the day she turned me down with a lot of hurtful words like you are not a man. I came to the siting room and started playing a video game on my Play Station. She came into the sitting room, took the remote control and changed the channel, saying she wanted to watch something more serious. I took the remote control and changed the channel back. Then she too changed it and held unto the remote control. I had to to collect the remote control from her. In the process, I twisted her arm until she let go of the remote control. That was the closest I came to beating her.

There was a text the guy sent to her and he told her that they should forget about the relationship if she wasn't ready to see him. She replied that she was going to come and see him first thing the next morning. I tried stopping her from going but somehow, she went.

When she came back, I noticed she was always scratching her private part and all that, and she would go to the pharmacy to buy drugs. I checked her phone again and read that she was accusing the guy of giving her STD and he was denying it.

I told her I knew what was going on and that she should stop taking drugs that she knew nothing about and go to the hospital and treat herself. I was the one that took her to the hospital.

In Kefee's response then,she brought up the issue of Alex's bed wetting and asking for anal sex which she refused

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