Kennedy Agyapong Saga: Blakk Rasta Is An Idiot + Ken Is My Enemy…Wanlov da Kubolor

A lot has happened politically in Ghana this week. Over the last few days, majority of Ghanaians have not taken it calm on the comments made by Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for the Assin North Constituency on Oman FM.

Speaking on the hullabaloo concerning the Biometric registration, the MP made certain comments that the police consider treasonable and genocidal, hence his arrest and detention.

The comments have had sharp condemnation by various personalities. Also Ghanaians have taken it unto various social media network to share their views on the MP’s utterances.

One of such Ghanaian is musician Wanlov da Kubolor. Obviously not happy with the MP’s comments, tweeted attacking Reggae musician Blakk Rasta whom he had a rift with not too long ago.

He tweeted “I hav never had an enemy…even @blakkrasta is not my enemy…he’s just an idiot, but as 4 ken agyapong dier e b enemy of ghana so enemy of me”

Blakk Rasta also tweeted back asking Wanlov’s manager Panji Anoff to intervene and call his boy to order. That might have infuriated Wanlov to throw more words at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ‘Best Reggae Song’ winner.

Blakk Rasta then tweeted “..oh if attacking me always satisfies your soul, go on bro! i jus tot man mus focus on more positive tingz..dats all..bless”.

But Wanlov has given Blakk Rasta an ultimatum to apologise to him before he will stop attacking him. He tweeted “Until u apologize 4 yor false report of wat happened at alliance n callin me a cokehead i never go leff yor matter giv u”.


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  1. If any man offend not in words,the same is a perfect man and able to control his whole body

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