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Kente is the Symbol of Africa now – Bonwire natives


Kente is the Symbol of Africa now – Bonwire natives

As part of a special independence day celebration, vhimpromo journeyed to Bonwire a suburb of Kumasi known to be the home of Kente.

Kente was widely worn by kings in the early days before it became the fashion for the rich and gradually became official wear for weddings.

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Legends have it that, Kente was originated by two hunters named Ameyaw and Kragu who on their numerous hunting adventures, came across an extraordinary spider designing its web differently.

Taking into consideration the designs of the spider, the two friends began imitating what they saw which became traditional wear for kings and prominent people.

Indeed this invention made by Kragu and Ameyaw, Kente, is now considered as a National assert and generates huge sums of Money for the Nation.

According to Otuo Serebour, a true linage of Kragu and Ameyaw, the name Kente came about as a result of the wrongly pronounced word in the “white man’s language” Kings Take. As surprising as it may seem, there is a lot of revelations made in our interview with Opanyin Otuo Serebour

Watch our One on One exclusive interview with a true son of Kragu and Ameyaw.

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