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Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Attempts to Assault His Attorney?


Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Attempts to Assault His Attorney?

Comedian Kevin Hart had a less than humorous day in court on Wednesday when his ex-wife Torrei allegedly attempted to assault his attorney, Debra Opri, during the couple’s divorce proceeding hearing at a Los Angeles court, reports Radar Online.

Although the couple is officially divorced, they were in court finalizing some particulars about their case when, at the conclusion of the hearing, the judge imposed a sanction on Torrei to pay part of her husband’s legal fees.

Reportedly when Torrei heard the judge’s order, she was ready to take it to the streets. When the Torrei, Kevin and Opri were outside the courtroom, eyewitnesses told Radar Online that Torrei suddenly lost it.

”At the conclusion of the hearing in which the judge ordered Torrei to pay Debra Opri’s legal fees for a filing motion Torrei was absolutely livid that she had been ordered to pay a portion of Kevin’s legal fees, and she lunged at Debra Opri.  Several sheriff’s deputies had to restrain Torrei and separated the two. Torrei said that Opri was a ‘b*tch,’ and Opri was shaken up after the incident. Torrei wasn’t arrested.”

Hart, whose much talked-about movie, “Think Like a Man,” opens April 20, received joint custody of his two children and he was also ordered to pay Torrei child support.

Torrei and Hart separated in February 2010 after nearly eight years of marriage citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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