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Kiki Speaks About Relationship With Becca


Kiki Speaks About Relationship With Becca

Emmanuel Kiki Banson, the Chief Executive Officer of EKB Records, managers of the pretty afro-pop music sensation Becca, has for the first time spoken about his relationship with the diva.

In an exclusive interview with BEATWAVES, Kiki spoke about how he discovered the young female musician, her journey into stardom so far and what is in store for the future.

According to him, sometime in 2006, his good friend and god father of Hiplife music, Reggie Rockstone, introduced Becca to him at the Office, now Rockstones office, as someone interested in pursuing a career in music.

Since Kiki himself was looking for music talents to nurture, he gave the young Becca an appointment the next day in his Tesano studio.

Kiki told BEATWAVES that though Becca had not had any studio experience until that day, he was so fascinated by the depth of her enthusiasm, confidence, determination and delivery to the extent that he became convinced that she had talent he had all along been searching for.

Indeed, it was that first day that Becca’s hit song ‘You Lied to Me’, was recorded. A year and half later, her maiden album titled ‘Sugar’, which featured several artistes including the internationally acclaimed Hugh Masekela, was released.

Explaining further, Kiki disclosed that Becca had recorded several hit singles including ‘Daa Ke Daa’, ‘Forever’ and ‘African Woman’, all of which are currently receiving massive radio and TV airplay, saying her second album would be ready in two months time.

‘The new album will as usual feature some top African musicians including Ivonne Chaka Chaka, Tuface Idibia, King Ayisoba and many others’, he said.

Since her arrival onto the music scene, Becca has not only performed on various stages both home and abroad, but has also won several local awards as well as the enviable KORA award. She made history as the only female and youngest artiste ever to win that award.

In the future, Kiki said if Becca maintained her current hard work and determination, she was most likely to become one of the most sought- after African musicians within the next few years.

Kiki noted that his five years working relationship with the artiste had been a fulfilling experience, adding, ‘Becca is one artiste who never complains about working long hours in the studio and is always prepared to give her all to achieve an excellent work; no wonder she keeps churning out one hit track after the other.

Even if Becca leaves the studio at 2am and you call her a few minutes to schedule another appointment in the morning because you have detected a mistake somewhere, she will rather offer to return almost immediately to do the correction before retiring to bed. Indeed, she is always ready to work long hours without complaining. She is simply focused and knows what she wants in her career,’ Kiki said.

By George Clifford Owusu

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