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Kisa Gbekle-I will not Marry a handsome Man


Kisa Gbekle-I will not Marry a handsome Man


Kisa Gbekle

Ghanaian Actress Kisa Gbekle has disclosed in an interview that she will not Marry a handsome Man or a fine boy as those guys  are Womanizers and cannot be trusted. She made this revelation during an interview with News One. Read below a transcript of the interview;

It’s been awhile, what has Kisa been up to?

Nothing much! I am fine. I finished my production not long ago and I am now trying to put stuffs together and I am also working for other producers.

How was the experience like producing your own movie last year?

Hmmm, it wasn’t bad. But nothing is easy in this world. Putting up the post production, the production and pre-production wasn’t easy. But Director Pascal Amanfo helped me and made things quite OK for me.

How difficult was it comparing being a producer to just being an actress?

It is very difficult.You have to put things together, do all the payments, make sure everyone is ok and all of that. But when working only as an actress, all you have to do is learn your lines and deliver and go back home.

Tell us a little about the movie?

‘Thank God It’s Friday’ is all about a young guy and girl hooking up on Facebook and decides to meet for the weekend which is Friday. They thought it was going to be fun but it ended on a very very bad note. You will get the rest of it in the movie.

When is it coming out?

Coming out soon.

Generally, how was 2016 for you?

It was good.

Why did you choose acting over music career?

I didn’t choose acting over music career. I am just trying to concentrate and establish myself in one field better before continuing the other.

Will you return to full time music one day?


Can you walk us down memory lane about what you did musically?

I released ‘Twerk’ and ‘Black Anaconda’.

You are not aging and looking beautiful as well… What is your secret?

I workout, eat well and enough rest.

When is your next birthday and what will you be doing on that day?

My next birthday is 16th January. And I will be donating to the kids at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital .

If we talk age, definitely we can’t ignore marriage. Any marriage plans yet that we are not aware of?

Mmmmm.. No marriage plans yet. I am single until I find the right man…

Who is your right kind of man?

He must be very, very, very hard working, intelligent, not too fine boy fine boy, romantic, God-fearing and respectful.

Why not too fine boy?

Those fine boys are womanisers. I have had my experience.

What experience was that? Tell us more. What happened?

That one is for you and I. But trust me, fine boys are womanisers.

What should we expect from Kisa in 2017?

Expect the best from me. A lot of things will come up.

By: Samuel Nyarko

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