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From a humble beginning came a young man who arguably is by far the most multi-talented person I have personally ever come across since I started following showbiz in Ghana. From his days in Hotel St. James and Home Sweet Home where he was on point as a young actor,Cornelius Phantomas known in showbiz circles as Kobi Rana has proved his capabilities as a jack of all trades.

Kobi Rana is a Product of the University of Ghana where he holds a bachelors degree in fine arts.He first drew people's attention while still in when he worked on a short film entitled ‘the last paper' which later came to be known as ‘you are a fool to me'.That was the beginning of a genius.

lovers will vividly remember his role as a kleptomaniac in the popular ‘' fire for fire'' movie. His re-birth came when he released ‘kiss me if u can',;2BAD' ‘HIT n RUN'and ‘CRAZY'. He also worked with Controversial Film producer Socrates Safo to release ‘What sex can do'.These works and many others all of which he featured in prominently earned him an enviable title as ‘Africa's youngest and Craziest movie director'.All along he has written most of his movies, a feat he has achieved through hardwork and sleepless nights. One fascinating thing about him though is his sense of humour and his ability to relate to his fans.

His talent is not only narrowed to the movie world.KOBI RANA is also a musician and a member of the group RANA which is made up of KOFI,KOJO and he KOBI RANA.They have churned out so many hits the most recent of them being ‘fly with me' which has the compliments of a highly rated video.

As a writer,director,producer and musician,one would expect that KOBI would be sufficient with how far he has come but that has not been the case for this young man I choose to call ‘Oliver Twist'.He is a dancer and a trainer in that field.Kobi broke down into tears at the funeral of one of his dancers Naa Buggie to the amazement of all.And for your consumption,Kobi was once a choreographer for Music duo ruff & smooth.

His projects which are yet to be premiered are HOTEL BABYLON (with Sonnie Badu's ‘BABA' as the theme song) and ‘LOVE and FACEBOOK'.His fans are looking presumptuous to a typical KOBI RANA handwriting which has thick .

If there is one man who has survived in all the departments of Showbiz in Ghana then KOBI RANA stands out tall.Big ups to you and may your Ingenuity and Creativity live on. ink to your pen and more power to your elbows. In all things bear in mind that OBSERVERS ARE WATCHING!!!!


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