Korra Obidi; Model,Artist and Muscian

Korra Obidi; Model,Artist and Muscian

imagesKorra Obidi, last daughter to Anthony Obidi of the Obidi Family hails from Oshimili North, Delta State. Her love for the arts started at childhood and this was immediately noticed by her mother Pauline, who enrolled her in the church choir and after school dance classes. She excelled to the bewilderment of her instructors and this encouraged her family to nurture her budding talent. Of her 3 siblings, she was the only one interested in the arts, studying it at the secondary and tertiary levels of eduction; with on focus on contemporary dance styles and major in contemporary, Ballet, Belly Dance, Latin Ballroom and Indian Classical. She made a professional debut in Timi Dakolo’s music video ‘Love Song’ which led to a string of music video features including Davido’s ‘Owonikoko’, Dr Sid’s ‘Kilonwa’ to mention a few.

She began making her own music in January 2015, this berth the creation of ‘Man Like You’ which she has performed far and wide. Being a graduate of the University of Lagos and an ex beauty queen, Korra has managed to create a niche for herself in the music industry by being the first Nigerian female artist to perform at the Burj Al Arab in the United Arab Emirates where she performed her debut single ‘Man Like You’ at the Dubai Fashion Lounge. She also performed this song for the Sultanate of Oman and 11 governors present at the Vanguard Personality of the year award in Lagos.  She majors in Afro-pop and dance hall and her sultry approach to dance-hall has made her a strong, young contender.




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