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KSM aka “Afia Siriboe” Undisputed King of Ghanaian Comedy


KSM aka “Afia Siriboe” Undisputed King of Ghanaian Comedy

KSM proved once again that he is indeed the of Comedy on Christmas day when he played his most difficult and most exciting , Afia Siriboe. Appearing in an African print top a pair of skinny jeans, his costume and make-up was enough to send everyone laughing.

Before KSM came, the stage had been adequately warmed by DKB, the MC, Sherifa Gunu and Abdul the poet who was very impressive with his poetry and music.

When ‘she' came on stage, Afia Siriboe told everyone that she was really bent on winning the coming and that she will do everything possible to realise her dream.

She took a swipe at some of the Charismatic churches for having quite some interesting names for their Watch night services – Passover and Crossover among others. She also teased Charismatic Churches for the energetic manner with which they pray. Afia Siriboe did some Azonto steps with the help of his coach.

Afia said Ghana is the only country that has legalised lawlessness using the traffic congestion as an example. Afia did not spare President Atta Mills saying that he is “chrife” and that he will have a of Prayer with Mrs Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie as minister for the sector.”President Mills is dull and so boring its exciting,” Afia said.

It was quite interesting to hear Afia say that her consultants for the 2012 elections are former Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufour. She claimed to have dated both of them.

As Afia put it, “There is no truth in Ghana, it is either the NPP version or the NDC version.

Obviously it was not easy for KSM to go into and stay in character all the time. She even had to take off her slippers at some point.

As she says in the show's brochure, “Afia Siriboe is my most challenging and fascinating role. Challenging because I have to go into and stay in character as a woman for over 75 minutes, and fascinating because “she”, without a doubt is the most adored, and admired of all the characters I have created.

Afia is the perfect vehicle for diffusing the childish pre-election political tensions in the country. She gives me the opportunity to pick the seemingly explosive issues and poke fun at them. In the end we are all able to laugh at our own foibles, neutralize the tension and move on for a peaceful Ghana.”

At the end of it all, Afia was grateful to everyone who made it to the show. Guess what? She is the only presidential candidate who gets people to pay to come and see her launch her campaign on no other day but Christmas day.

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