KSM To Stage ‘The Secrets of GH Girls’ On Christmas Day

KSM To Stage ‘The Secrets of GH Girls’ On Christmas Day

Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), as far back as 1997, enthralled us with his one man play, the ‘Saga of a Returnee’.

In an amazing ‘observational comedy’ style, he took us on a journey through a ‘Returnee’s’ mind as he tried to navigate life in Ghana after several years of living in the US, resulting in hilarious scenarios.

The response of audiences was such that he had to repeat the performance about 13 times! This set the scene for other outstanding performances, such as ‘Politically Incorrect’, ‘Afia Siriboe’ and ‘Castle or Suicide’ among many others.

In his latest performance, KSM, backed by EL, (and indeed featuring in an EL song as a rapper), returns to the stage for another fascinating show! Usually in an election year, it would be a political comedy.

This time, however, he is going for an even more controversial subject – Ghanaian women! Happening this December, KSM goes ‘undercover’ to ‘uncover’ the way Ghanaian women operate; and why Ghanaian men just can’t understand them!

Throughout history and across generations, men have never understood women. From teenagers to “Olu’s”, women have managed to completely confuse men of all ages, careers, ethnic groups – you name it.

What makes women so fascinating? KSM, fascinated by this, took the bold decision to go undercover to uncover the way Ghanaian women operate and why Ghanaian men just can’t understand them.

The hot new performance titled THE SECRETS OF GH GIRLS will be held at the National Theatre on December 25, 2012. There will be two shows:
The first one is at 4 pm and the second show will be at 8pm. Tickets are GH¢50 regular and GH¢80 for Limited VIP tickets.

Tickets are available from Friday, December 14th 2012 at Airport Shell, Koala, Frankies, Max Mart at A and C Mall, the National Theatre and Sapphire Offices in East Legon.



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