Kumawood producers are not professionals-Actress

Kumawood producers are not professionals-Actress

imagesActress Vicky Zugah has questioned the quality of producers of Kumasi movies popularly known as Kumawood saying they are not professionals.

As reported in Flex Newspaper, the actress said some movie producers have refused to learn and upgrade their production and interestingly, those are the ones who have overshadowed the ones churning out good quality movies.

“Working with some Kumawood Producers, I realized that the professionalism is not there. This issue is very sensitive and I’m sorry if I’m offending someone. Kumawood movie producers feel that, they are in a world of their own and are doing their own thing and so, they are not ready to learn.

They also feel they are always right and think they’ve got the best stories, crews and cameras. I am still learning to act myself but these producers do not want to improve,” she added.

Vicky went on to commend her colleague professional actors who have switched to movie production. She said they are the best to produce good movies because; they have the experience and are very much aware of the essence of quality productions.



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