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Kwabena Kwabena apologises to fans over his marital issues


Kwabena Kwabena apologises to fans over his marital issues

Hi-Life musician, Kwabena Kwabena has apologised to his numerous fans who felt disappointed about that fact that he had had several issues concerning his marriage life.

Those issues, he said, were unfortunate and cropped up because he fell into the wrong hands from the beginning and therefore he went down on his knees to pray to God a better woman.

Kwabena Kwabena speaking in an interview with Lexis Bill on Day Break Hitz on Hitz FM said, “in life sometimes you don’t get what you wish for. What you don’t wish for happens to you. It’s rather unfortunate that something like that should happen to me but who knows, only God knows.

“I just apologise to anybody who felt disappointed about the fact that I have had issues about marriage but it was just unfortunate, I should say, and I can say confidently that I fell in the wrong hands from the beginning but I thank God I went on my knees I prayed to God.”

He said: “God knows my heart, God knows what I want, God knows I am a man who wants to raise a family and who wants to be a family man. So in no time God answered my prayer and gave me a better one.”

A second marriage life

Kwabena Kwabena his second wife, Abena Owusuwaa, on December 12, 2010

Kwabena Kwabena’s marriage life has received wide media coverage for sometime now with his second taking place December 2010 with Abena Owusuwaa after the first hitting the rocks.

The Asor singer who sounded like someone enjoying marriage life revealed that he has three kids and will love to have two more due to his passion and love for kids.

He rebuked assertions that he was promiscuous saying, “I myself a layback person, an easy going person. Somebody who does not want to be disturbed. I always want to be sound.”

The silky singer did not deny the fact that he does come across women who will like to have a thing or two with him. This, he said he easily overcomes because he is not an out going person. “I handle it easily because I am not an outgoing person, I don’t go out,” and he will prefer to “sit at the beach with my wife and kids.”

The very optimistic Kwabena Kwabena, whose real name is George Kwabena Adu, who says his music is being inspired by social issues especially love said he is constantly “working so hard to make Hi-Life go where it is supposed to be.”

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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