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Kwabena Kwabena Denies Smoking


Kwabena Kwabena Denies Smoking

It is difficult to comprehend what exactly is happening but silky-voiced singer Kwabena Kwabena has denied ever smoking cigarettes despite that fact that there is a photograph of him having a cigarette stick stuck within his fingers and thick smoke puffing out of his nostrils.

The musician denied the smoking allegation an interaction with Okay FM's ace broadcaster, Abeiku Santana, moments after the photos started circulating

Indeed, public opinion has remained divided over the issue. While a section of the public have accused the media of delving into Kwabena Kwabena's private life by putting the photos out, another section say they find nothing strange about the fact that the musician smokes.
Photos of Kwabena Kwabena and Asem, two of Ghana's best musicians perceived “good boys”, were caught camera in a pose that seems as if they were smoking!!!

Many fans of the two stars would their last cedi over this issue but two photographs, made available by, shows the two were actually smoking their heads off. It is not clear where exactly the photos were taken but NEWS- suspects the setting was at a popular nightclub in Accra.

Kwabena Kwabena has so far comported himself as a very disciplined and morally upright music icon. The lyrics of his songs have also remained very decent, epitomizing that he is indeed a member of the Winneba Youth Choir. Such a musician is the last person anyone would suspect of being a smoker.

Asem on the other hand is a young star with a huge following, especially among the youth and carries himself as a ‘cool guy' who would do no such thing as smoking. But there is a saying that pictures do not lie….only time would tell.

Source: News one
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