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Kwabena Kwabena Fights Profane Lyrics…


Kwabena Kwabena Fights Profane Lyrics…

Ghanaian Highlife artiste is calling on the President of the Musicians Union of (MUSIGA) to find means of monitoring and censoring songs before they are released onto the market.According to him, the establishment of a censorship body would help curb the rate which profane lyrics were aired.

“Trust me there are certain songs played on radio that I think should not just be there”, he told Xfm 95.1 in an interview, adding, “I listened to my four-year-old daughter sing a certain song which I wouldn't want her to sing. And I didn't play it in my house but I know she heard it on radio”.

It is on this premise the -winning highlife is calling for a censorship board for the music industry.

“There is no censorship board in this country for music. all due respect to any musician, I believe that there are certain songs you cannot play publicly. The union should be looking at this. We need to maintain a certain level of decency in this industry. This is a big business and we need to safeguard it”, he said.

Kwabena Kwabena also identified the inability of MUSIGA to publicise its activities as some of the failings of the new executives headed by Obour, stressing, “I don't see a lot on MUSIGA and what it is doing. I think there is a little problem as far as PR is concerned.”

He called on the President to “begin to look at the percentage of local and foreign content as far as our music is concerned”.

Source: Dennis Nii Lantey Lawson, Xfm 95.1
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