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Lack of Unity Among Celebrities In Kumasi Collapsing The Showbiz Industry In Ashanti Region


Lack of Unity Among Celebrities In Kumasi Collapsing The Showbiz Industry In Ashanti Region

As I went through my music library to prepare for my Drive time show on radio, a song popped into my head and I found it very interesting to listen to.

It was no other song than “Popping” by Kwaw Kesse and Dadie Opanka. As I carefully listened to the song, I remembered a cover of that song had been recorded by one of Kumasi’s finest musicians Bradez ft Ko-Jo so I took no pain listening to that one as well.

Upon critically assessing the cover by these dudes, a point dawned on me as a line of the song said “TV stations ni Kumasi, nti Talent pii a pack “ literally meaning a lot of talents in Kumasi are packed and untapped because of the lack of TV stations in the region. Although this is totally true, blame cannot be put on only that. This thought led me to this article you are currently reading.

For the past five (5) years which I’ve been actively involved in the showbiz industry in Kumasi, one underlying factor which could be crippling the industry is lack of unity amongst radio presenters, DJs, actors and actresses in the region but for the purpose of this article, I will dwell more on the music scene.

Individualism and the idea of self sufficiency has been a major factor. The situation where many radio presenters and DJs feel they are independent and can run things on their own. Yes, it could be but they forget it is an industry and no one is totally independent.

I can recall several instances I’ve been to the national capital Accra and met so many showbiz personalities from different radio stations on a round table racking their brains to put up events and shows to make something and push the industry which feeds them.

It should not be forgotten that by so doing, unity is been forged amongst themselves, musicians are getting gigs to perform, business men with event venues are getting their quota and any individual who has a taste in showbiz gets something even to the patrons of such events.

As I wrote this article, I consulted other showbiz personalities in the region who shared varying opinions but the one dominant factor was another thing to do with the gap between the older folks and the younger ones in the region.

It was made it clear that Unity really exists among the younger generation who know what they are about and are so innovative (not to say some of the older folks know not what they are about) compared to some of the older folks who see some of these younger ones as threats and as such wouldn’t even them needed support and attention they deserve.

Taking to DJ Premier of Fox fm, he share his opinion on the gap that exists between these generations, “ They (Older folks) refuse to accept what our generation is coming up with, innovations and creative ideas but until the elders accept and respect what we do and stop seeing us as kids, this issue will continue”.

Another famous host of the Angel Entertainment show, Charles Asare threw light on this issue by saying “The older folks led a lifestyle which made parents see the showbiz professions as a profession for womanizers and all kinds of uncultured attributes, it is therefore very difficult for some of the younger folks who are so focused and know what they are about to link up with “drunkards” and “womanizers” and therefore you would naturally expect the gap”.

This, I find quite normal for any society to have that generational problem but it must be admitted that the older folks in the industry would not be available all season and therefore would have to impact unto the younger folks who will take over from them their life learnt experiences and to seek for ideas from some of the younger folks who also have what it takes to successfully fill these gaps when they are made.

The key word to bring the industry together is “respect” and until this is shown, the industry will remain in shambles. It is now quite clear why a lot of celebrities move out of Kumasi to stay in other regions especially Accra.

Source: Ebenezer Donkoh/
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