Lady Kess photo release | new single “TO WO BOASE” coming soon

Lady Kess photo release | new single “TO WO BOASE” coming soon

Perpertual Akua Kesiwaa popularly known in the music industry as Lady Kess told ghanashowbiz she got her nickname from school due to peer pressure. However, she never regretted having a nickname hence ‘’Lady Kess” circulating the media waive, internet and social media today.

The music artiste who has keen interest in African Beads making has made it again with a new single to be release, the new track is dubbed “TO WO BOASE”. In a special closed-door reception held for selected fans to review the new single, she expressed her profound gratitude for the positive response from fans.

‘’for the first time in a long time, I finally found a music that resonate with my spirit. A chill run through my spine when the music sunk through my memory. This is a wake-up call to many.” Kojo Asumaning, a fan tells

The “Ma Waningye” hitmaker told our correspondent she is focusing on her career at the moment and may migrate from single life soon. She expressed her interest in circular music, most especially music from Shatta Wale and Bisa K’dei. According to her, circular music influences her style of writing and is considering the possibility of working with one of the mainstream artistes in the future.

By Antwi Odrey

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