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Learn The Causes Of Non Hypoglycemia


Learn The Causes Of Non Hypoglycemia

Non hypoglycemia, also known as non diabetic hypoglycemia, is a condition where the level of glucose your blood stream falls below a certain number and you experience symptoms. Usually, hypoglycemia is caused by a medical condition or hormonal imbalance.

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There are two types of non 

Fasting Hypoglycemia:  One obvious cause of this is not eating. When you skip meals, your body can’t get the fuel it needs so your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels.

It can also be caused by excessive strenuous exercise. If your body’s reserve isn’t replenished during exercise then you will experience an episode of hypoglycemia. Fasting hypoglycemia can also be caused by a medical condition known as hyperinsulinism.

Excessive alcohol consumption is a factor of hypoglycemia if you do not the way you are supposed to when drinking.

Treatment To Reduce Blood Sugar Level A Healthy Diet for Hypoglycemia

Reactive Hypoglycemia:  is a condition that may result due to a deficiency the liver when it is required to secrete glucagon. Sugar is stored in the liver as glucagon and when the body needs a boost the liver normally secretes some into the blood stream. Liver diseases like hepatitis, cancer, or cirrhosis can inhibit the storage of glucagon.

Hypoglycemia symptoms include feeling shaky, hungry, being unable to think clearly, pallor, sweating, anxiousness, dizziness, and blurred vision. Any or all of these symptoms should convince you to eat. Failure to eat when you feel these symptoms will give way to other symptoms which includes: unconsciousness, convulsions and even death.

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