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Leave Me Alone—Kumasi Actress Cries Loud To Her Fiancée


Leave Me Alone—Kumasi Actress Cries Loud To Her Fiancée

240x_mg_nsju4yxl32_300911_527781800570559_1965437355_nKumasi based actress Benedicta Gafah is facing harassment from a businessman name withheld. The actress was dating the businessman and had introduced him to her parents for their marriage preparations only to find out that the businessman was married with two Kinds.

Benedicta who got to know the filla about her future husband after she had had sex intercourse several times with the businessman says she is been harassed.

“I didn’t know he was married with two kinds, and even though we had sex several times, I quit the relationship because I can’t marry a man who is already married to someone else” Benedicta said.

Known for movies such as Mirror Girl, Kweku Saman, Adoma, Agyanka Ba, Azonto Ghost, Poposipopo, Ewiase Ahenie, April Fool, Agya Koo Azonto and Devils Voice, Benedicta told Newsone the businessman is not letting her rest.

“ I don’t know where he gets to know my where about but he keeps appearing at places I don’t expect to meet him, the other day he went as far as going to my parents to tell them he wouldn’t agree to the marriage. He has appeared on set several times and producers sometimes get angry at me” Benedicta told Newsone.

According to Benedicta she doesn’t know why the man cannot let her be “I have tried several times to makes him, understand that I am no more interested in the relation but I really cannot understand why he does what to listen.

To her she thinks the love she shared with the businessman was so intimate he wished he could have her as a wife. “We stayed together as husband and wife. If I am not onset I am with him but I felt very disappointed when I found out he is married with two kids.

Benedicta who claims she is now engaged to another man claims she is afraid, she might lose the man she truly loves should the man continue harass her the way he’s doing.

She has been tagged by most people as a bad girl having played romantic scenes in few of the movies she has starred in but the pretty actress Born to Mr and Mrs Kwaku Badu in the Ashanti Region, Benedicta said it was time people erased the impression they have about her and get to know her before passing any comment about her. “I am not a bad girl as people say and I think it’s about time people got to me to know the other side of me”

Benedicta revealed that she admires actress Nana Ama McBrown for her versatile role in movie. To her Nana Ama McBrown is of the best actress Ghana. A former student of Presbyterian Secondary School in Kumasi, Benedicta has plans obtaining a degree in Marketing.

The actress said she was grateful to everyone who has been helpful in developing her career especially, Miracle Films for spotting the talent in her.

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