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Leave me out of your beef – Efia Odo to Sarkodie

Efia Odo ,Sarkodie


Leave me out of your beef – Efia Odo to Sarkodie

The corona brawl between and as it stands now looks like a wildfire during harmattan. It is touching people who have no relationship with the duo.

Actress has asked her followers to disregard reports that she has attacked Sarkodie for releasing a diss song which has resulted in heated exchanges between him and Shatta Wale.

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Sarkodie this week released a diss song titled SubZero which was to address some artists who have been calling him out for some time now, a song which has even generated controversies.


However, during the period of discussion on Twitter, Efia Odo tweeted “You must be bored at this point if you wanna start beef with someone. Can’t you see all this chaotic shit going on? What we all need are some peace and tranquility,” and this was attributed to Sarkodie.


But in a tweet, the actress has denied referring to Sarkodie with her tweet.

She said “Please disregard some of these useless bloggers. I have not joined anyone to descend on King Sark. My recent tweet was def not about him”.



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