LeBron James’ Stepfather Comes for Beyonce and Jay Z
Photo Credit: Beyonce

LeBron James’ Stepfather Comes for Beyonce and Jay Z

Photo Credit: Beyonce
Photo Credit: Beyonce
One would think fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers would be too busy still celebrating defeating Golden State Warriors to clinch their fast championship ever, but one of LeBron’s biggest fans has made time to start drama.

According to reports, Da Real Lambo, the young rapper who is now reportedly married to Gloria James, took to Instagram recently to call out Beyonce

Apparently Da Real Lambo feels Beyonce and Jay Z are fake supporters of LeBron because they didn’t show up to game seven.

In an Instagram video he has since deleted, he says:

“This is an exclusive announcement…shout out to the champs. I’m talking about game six because we on won the championship.

“A couple of morgels (sic) out here be the biggest haters of all. So I saw Jay Z and Beyonce come to game six. I don’t know what reason for. I don’t know what reason they came. We still won game six, you know? I just really feel like he came to see if LeBron James was gon lose in his house to a red bone, pretty a*s n*gga named Stephen Curry, you know?

“I’m starting to see these big morgels (sic), Jay Z I’m saying your name, I don’t care about all that other stuff…Jay Z to me, is one of the biggest haters of them all, man. And I really felt like he came in our arena to…him and Beyonce, game six, you know they had to get all that fake attention sh*t, but they really came to see if LeBron James was gonna lose the championship. We ain’t losing sh*t homie. We royalty over here. None of yall n*ggas ain’t bigger than LeBron. Know that n*gga.”

Da Real Lambo, who is married to #LeBronJames’ mother Gloria, calls #JayZ a hater. (@kingjames #cavs)

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Jay Z and Beyonce were currently vacationing in Hawaii on Father’s Day but Jay made time to congratulate LeBron on the win:  

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|urbanbellemag.com

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