Lecturer calls for Ghanaian and foriegn cultural blend

Lecturer calls for Ghanaian and foriegn cultural blend

Knowledge can not be acquired from a single place but by through various experiences of life being it through books, observations, tourism or any other form that can impact concepts to or beyond human reasoning. As fashion trends though the cultural settings of Ghanaian and African society, Jeanette A Quashie – Lecture, shares her opinion by suggesting to blend Ghanaian and foreign cultures.

“why do some Ghanaian condemn foreign culture…why can’t we blend the two cultures. I believe a blend always creates a unique piece. Then there is the problem of following fashion blindly …what looks good on someone doesn’t necessarily look good on the other”. She told ‘Spectator’, a news paper.

The significant point is that everyone is unique in appearance, thus what may look good on a person may not be good on another. Thus blending the two culture could grant the opportunity for options.

By Antwi Odrey

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