Legends and Legacy Ball called off|Returns Next Year

Legends and Legacy Ball called off|Returns Next Year

The annual Legends and Legacy Ball event, which is organized by Imajin Advertising has been cancelled. The event which was billed to hold on December 29th was called off because the organizers could not put up an event that has never been witnessed before. According to Imajin Advertising’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arnold Kojo Asante, on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz on Monday. “It’s supposed to come off on 29 December. It’s no more coming off. We will package it and bring it out next year.” We do hope it doesn’t end up being held in 2020. Explaining further why the event had been cancelled, Mr Asante said the event was cancelled not because of financial difficulties. He said lack of funds is not the case as the company has a contract with MTN which seems unbreakable. Even after the humongous $5.2 billion fine imposed on MTN by the Nigerian government. Obviously there was more than enough money. However, he believes rather than put up an unimpressive show which is sure to attract boos and demand for ticket refunds, the event house took such a world changing decision. “…we don’t even print our tickets in Ghana. They take almost six weeks to get to Ghana. The plague is made outside Ghana. They need about eight weeks. I know you would ask that if we know we were going to do LAL Ball, why we didn’t get all these things done earlier. But you know these are done with sponsors’ money. For me, for an event company to be bold to tell you that, ‘it is one week to the event, I feel we are not prepared, let’s call it off and do it properly next year’, is something that Ghanaians should commend us for instead of following the voice of the people and putting across mediocrity because we are known for our standards,” he told host, Sammy Flex. “When our team met, we realized sponsors were ready, Conference Centre is ready but we are presently not [ready]… so many things were not right. We just had to call it off, repackage ourselves and come next year,” Mr Asante added. The CEO asserted that although many people are angry and devastated and feel like committing suicide, they should bear with them, that by next year, if they are still alive, they could hope and pray it doesn’t get cancelled again. “We know it’s a disappointment to our fans but for me, they should commend us for being bold to take this step next year,” he stated. Imajin Advertising had earlier denied speculations that the 5th edition of the event will not come off. Kobby Rana, one of the members of the team said they were faced with the challenge of solving world hunger, climate change and high illiteracy levels in Ghana, which caused the delay. The Legends and Legacy Ball, an event which seeks to celebrate the achievements and legacies of living music legends started four years ago. Highlife legends: Daddy Lumba, Abrantie Amakye Dede, A.B Crentsil and Kojo Antwi have been celebrated since it began.


By Antwi Odrey|www.ghanashowbiz.com

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