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Lesbians Wouldn’t Let Me Rest – Ghanaian Actress Ella Mensah


Lesbians Wouldn’t Let Me Rest – Ghanaian Actress Ella Mensah

imagesSexy Ella Mensah is a Ghanaian actress who spends most of her time in Nigeria. A mother of one, Ella came to Nigeria to shoot a film and ended up shooting five other films back-to-back.

Now, she is seen more as a Nollywood actress than a Ghollywood one. To drive home this fact, the actress permanently has on her Blackberry, a personal message “Hottest Ghanaian actress in Nollywood”.

Hot and wild as they come, Ella doesn’t set rigid rules for herself. As an actress, the Ghanaian beauty takes on roles many of her colleagues wouldn’t dare.

Getting really romantic and sensual on set is to Ella what candy is to a child and she has even played as a lesbian, a role many wouldn’t touch.

“Oh yes, I’ve played a couple of them, a lot of them. October is going to be exactly three years. I’ve been in the movie industry, and I think the second movie I ever shot in Nigeria, was a lesbian movie. It’s called ‘Gone Girl’ where I played as Amanda Ebeye’s lesbian partner.

I’ve played a couple of lesbian roles but funny enough, I hardly remember all the titles because most are working titles. Even in ‘Educated Housemaids’ too, I had a lesbian scene”, she told Potpourri in a chat.

But it would appear her lesbian roles are stalking her as the actress confessed to Potpourri that many lesbians now harass her on Facebook with all sorts of propositions, thinking she’s one of them.

“A lot on Facebook; you know when your fans watch your movie I think most of them think the character is who you are, so I get so many girls on Facebook; lesbian girls telling me how much they love me and all that, but I always send a message across that I am not a lesbian but they don’t get it because they see you acting so in movies” she said mournfully.


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