Lobbying and Corruption

Lobbying and Corruption


It is interesting to note that the West is looking at motherland Ghana and laughing at our seriousness to handling corruption. Although I do not condone corruption in any form or shape, it is very difficult to understand how the West places definition on the subject. The Americans would classify the circumstances pertaining to the current Judges’ bribe issue in Ghana as “lobbying” if that were to have happened on their land.

Well guess the rich will always have their way. I believe this is no different from the $5.3 trillions of dollars stolen by Barclays Bank, Bank of Scotland, JCMorgan and Chase a day by manipulate exchange rates for their own financial gains. Believe me, no body has been put to shame yet.

The western media and most especially this presenter should keep away from Africas business and concentrate on their own issues.

Such a cheek by inciting repression in Africa.

By Antwi Odrey

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