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Lohan gets another glowing probation report


Lohan gets another glowing probation report

Actress Lindsay Lohan stayed on track last month toward completing her probation requirements and avoiding the possibility of jail, the judge in her case said Tuesday.

“She's done it all on schedule,” Los Angeles County Judge Stephanie Sautner said, after reviewing the January progress report from Lohan's probation officer.

Lohan, 25, must work 12 days a month at the Los Angeles County morgue and visit a psychologist four times each month.

“Just keep doing what you're doing,” Sautner said. “You appear to be doing it well.”

Lohan must return to Sautner's courtroom on February 22 for another progress report.

If she completes the remaining 29 days of community service work at the morgue by a March 29 hearing, it could be the end of her supervised probation.

If she fails, she could spend months in a jail, the judge has told her.

Lohan stumbled in November when she was found in violation of her probation. She admitted that she failed to comply Sautner's earlier order that she work at a women's shelter. Her punishment — a 30-day jail sentence — translated into just a few hours behind bars because of measures to reduce overcrowding in Los Angeles County jails.

The court-ordered community service is part of Lohan's sentence imposed in May when she pleaded guilty to stealing a necklace from a Venice, California, jewelry store.

Lohan was already on probation for two drunken driving convictions from 2007.

Her legal woes have been compounded by her failure to attend counseling classes and alcohol and drug test failures in the past.

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