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Lord Kenya’s Evangelism Ministry Booms


Lord Kenya’s Evangelism Ministry Booms

640812451_775166Like the Biblical saying, “many are called but few were chosen”: that statement seems to be playing a greater role on the face of our musicians who crossed carpet to the other divide thus from gospel music to secular music.

So far, many names have come up in this regard and most of them are doing stuff behind the scenes without much information about their new found love. Lord Kenya is one person who crossed carpet to the Holy Ghost divide and it made serious headlines in the entertainment industry.

Though there were many big names like Ofori Amponsah who was also arrested by the Holy Ghost and it became such a big deal in our industry, not much is being heard or seen of him afterwards but Lord Kenya seems to be every where one goes like MTN.

Whilst Ofori Amponsah declared that he had been called by God to become a prophet to the people, Lord Kenya was certain that he is to evangelize to lost souls therefore the name Evangelist Lord Kenya. Despite his rough edge beginning where some people even doubted the originality of his calling, the former Slip Music artiste has overcome all pull him down strings and is pushing hard close to the kingdom.

A walk around town is a clear proof that the Lord in evangelism is currently the hottest evangelist in the country as his posters are seen in almost every corner in the capital announcing his programme with one church or another.

We at Flex newspaper are very happy for Lord Kenya because his ministry is on the ascendancy and this goes ahead to prove to his followers that he has been accepted by the church folks. It can be recalled that our own Kwame Dadzie published a piece where he was doubtful whether Ofori Amponsah`s new gospel songs will be accepted by the Christian folk. We only hope Kwame will not come across as a prophet of doom.

We must state here that after the first weeks in his (Ofori Amponsah`s) promotion, not much is being heard of him again especially with his songs. More questions are running through our minds than answers and we only hope his own ministry he started in Accra will also flourish just like Lord Kenya`s ministry. Ofori Amponsah was noted to have prophesied unto the lives of some journalists in the country who testified that really and truly the man is now a born again Christian.

Now the next thing we are trying to do is to visit one of the churches he (Lord Kenya) has been billed to preach and we will bring reports of how the power of God moved through him to the people. Flex newspaper reporters have spotted a poster of Lord Kenya and gospel songstress Celestine Donkor ready to deliver at a programme through the power of God at a church in Kwashieman and we hope to be there to experience the power of God to do wonders among the people.

May be what is working for Lord Kenya is his ability to cease every opportunity he gets to preach the word of God to people who hear him from near and far. We remember a performance at the Empire back in the day concert where he preached on stage when he was supposed to perform.

He also hijacked a Dr Cann entertainment interview and preached for close to 10 minutes when the real interview had ended. Lord Kenya is undoubtedly now the leading evangelist in Accra and we know he is doing much better even in Kumasi.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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