‘Lover and Friend’: Becca, Trigmatic collaborate to tell a “true story” of unrequited love

imagesIn a sizzling new song Lover & Friend, Ghanaian diva, Becca and her “best friend” Trigmatic have told a “true life story” of unrequited love between a man and a woman.

The song, which according to Becca was written by the two out of some experiences they have had on their journey of friendship, with a fair fusion of some of the true life stories of other people, is a heartbreaking tune that would get anyone mushy.

“Trig is like my best friend. We talk about everything…we went to the studio with no expectations at all. We just said let’s meet; we went there and then we just started writing…to tell you the truth the story relates to the two of us so much. It is really a true life story.”

Lover & Friend produced by Ghanaian sound engineer Genius is set to be released on April 5, 2015.

Speaking to the media at a listening party hosted at the 233 bar in Accra, Trigmatic said the collaborative project took the two of them about eight months to finish.

“At a point we thought we were never going to release this song. It got so bad at a point. It took like eight months and trust me, it’s not that we were lazy or anything. Sometimes it’s the ‘dumsor,’ [erratic power supply], other times it’s either she is out of town or I am”.

The rapper is heard trying something new in the collaborative track. He sang. And Becca said she had nothing to do with it in terms of influence.

“For a long time I’ve known Trigmatic as a singer: he’s got such a nice voice and he and I have a long history (we are friends you know)”.

Becca and Trigmatic worked on their first hit Push with the same producer.



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