Lydia Forson Begs For A Kiss

Lydia Forson Begs For A Kiss

Actress Lydia Forson displayed her daringness when she attempted to kiss actor Adjetey Anang on the stage of the 2012 Ghana Music Award right in front of a live audience and millions of TV viewers across the country.

Lydia and Adjetey were on stage to present an award for Reggae Song of the Year category which was won by Blakk Rasta.

Lydia, after mounting the stage to present the award, wore a mischievous smile on her face, giving a clue that she was up to something.

She then asked Adjetey if people did not ask him whether the kisses in movies were real. Adjetey, who Lydia had always professed was her best actor in Ghana, answered, “Yeah people do.”

She didn’t stop there but went ahead to say, “Ok why don’t we take this opportunity to let people judge for themselves.” Interestingly Adjetey answered, “Yes we should.”

They then gazed straight into each other’s eye, ready to kiss. She then threw her arms round Adjetey’s neck and raised her left leg to a 90 degrees angle, revealing some flesh. But they pulled a quick stunt by nodding to each other and proceeded to mention the nominees and eventually the winner.

Their gimmick added some excitement to the show as did a similar one by KKD and Menaye Muntari.

Source: News One

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