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Lydia Forson Jabs Unknown Celeb For Being ‘Debt-ridden’


Lydia Forson Jabs Unknown Celeb For Being ‘Debt-ridden’

The talented actress has taken a subtile jab at an unknown celebrity for allegedly owing her and sweeping it under the carpet.

She sounded worried because the said celebrity is doing “giveaways” in the wake of his or her indebtedness.

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She made it clear that she becomes extremely worried whenever she owes someone but some people feel at ease even though they owe huge amounts of cash than her.

Who could she be referring to?

Which specific celeb shared something recently?

Errrrrrrm, is it Uncle Shatta Wale that Aunty is referring to? Because he just dashed two powerful cars to two of his loyal fans or it’s someone else?

Let me just end here before someone sues my broke ass for my last coins for this Christmas 😂.

She shared the jabs through her social media handles.

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Go through and make your own guesses wai….

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