Lydia Forson partners Printex in new movie

imagesActress, Lydia Forson, is set to premiere her new movie, A Letter From Adam, this weekend in Accra and for the first time, she is partnering Printex African designs to deliver a contemporary story about love, loss and hope.

A Letter From Adam is expected to draw audiences into a realistic cycle of life seen through the pain of loss, the journey of self-discovery and the courage and strength to find hope in the face of adversity.

The story is set in the busy yet simple city of Accra and seeks to give audiences an often neglected truth about love – that love does not always come in the form one expects it to.

Forson said that she sought out Printex as the official textile sponsor of the film because she loves the brand’s new collections.

Keen on showcasing African authenticity both on and off camera, she worked with a host of fashion designers to include the rich colours and prints of Printex into the film’s wardrobe.

Mr Milad Millet, CEO of Printex, said in a statement that their support of A Letter to Adam is in line with the company’s corporate social responsibility.

“We continue to support the emerging arts and entertainment industries in Ghana because they are an outlet for expression and they provide employment to many brilliant young people.”

Last year, Printex was the lead textile sponsor of multiple productions of Song of Pharaoh at the National Theatre.

Costumes on stage and in films help build the story line and narrative. Lydia Forson believes that Printex’s inclusion in the film’s production will appeal to audiences. She says viewers will be drawn to the different characters, and their costumes.

Reflecting on the character she plays, Lydia Forson had this to say. “Although the story is not about me, it is a good reflection of me, my style, my friends, and the people I surround myself with.”

A Letter From Adam has a rich cast comprising Lydia Forson who also is producer, Wale Ojo, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Akorfa Edjeani, Albert Jackson, Jeff Kumordzie, Louie Lartey and Fred Kanebi. It is directed by  P. Sam Kessie



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