Lydia Forson Releases Eye Catching Photos To Mark Her 34th Birthday

Lydia Forson Releases Eye Catching Photos To Mark Her 34th Birthday

Sensational and outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday, October 24, 2018.

As has become the norm, the multiple-awards winning actress actress in celebration of her

new age has released new set of photos through her social media pages looking absolutely gorgeous.

Donning a white oversize t-shirt and a very ‘hot’ glittering pink miniskirt with a silver

colored pair of High hills, Miss Lydia boldly posed for the camera.

She shared the stunning photos on her Instagram page with various captions to mark her day.


 “I haven’t felt this happy at peace and more alive than I do today. It’s all I could ask for on my birthday. So today, no long brofo- I’m just celebrating how sokyeeeeeee I look and feel. #theCore #UnapologeTHICK”, reads her first caption.

She went more sensual with other photos. One was also captioned: May3 sokyeeeee s3 angwa Mo!” (Meaning she looks sweet and appetizing not to talk of tasty). 

She in turn received birthday wishes from other celebrities, family as well as her fans.

The last photo sees her in a gold colored straight dress with shades and a caption which reads as;

“There’s so much I wanted to write about my journey , so so much. But some stories are better left untold because they’re too precious to share. Just know that today, I feel like a Phoenix and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

A belated happy 34th birthday to the ever gorgeous actress from

See photos from below;



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