M.anifest explains why he doesn’t grant interviews

M.anifest explains why he doesn’t grant interviews

Most media men cry for not getting access to M.anifest anytime they want him for interview.

Several journalists have complained about the tussle hustle they go through just to get the “Wani Aba” rapper for a conversation but all these vigorous struggle to get hold of him result no positive result.

The award-winning Ghanaian rapper and songwriter had a Q&A with some selected media houses on Thursday, December 15 prior to his Manifestivities Concert on Friday, December 16.

During the event, Zionfelix.net questioned him why he fails to respond to media calls when he is needed to have a discussion with. M.anifest reacting to the issue made his love for the media known but quickly added, “usually I’m busy with making music, that’s number one. Number two, if I put out god MC, everything you want to ask me is in the song so it depends on you to digest the song and sometimes I’m not just available”

If i decide to make my live being seen instead of doing music, I think you might not even appreciate me as much. I can’t be that person who can be on radio granting interviews all the time” the rapper answered Zionfelix.net.

Source: zionfelix.net


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