M.anifest Takes On Kanye West

M.anifest Takes On Kanye West

One of Ghana’s brightest Hip-Hop stars, M.anifest has released a new song ‘Way Too Gold” which is a clever take on Kanye West’s latest single “Way too cold (Theraflu).”

As we have come to expect from M.anifest, “way too gold” is a brilliant lyrical affair with confident and witty lines such as: “This year my career popped Viagra, now it’s on the up and up/ thick as thieves, master keys, every door will open up”.

M.anifest has released “Way too gold” after reaching 8,000 followers on twitter as a thank you to his ever growing and loyal audience. The song was first premiered on radio by DJ Black on Joy FM recently.

In the spirit of the Olympics and the fever that is growing after the likes of Usain Bolt are achieving tremendous feats, M.anifest finishes off the song with these fitting lines: “Aim for the medal hit the pedal speed builds up/ I’m way too gold to ever settle for silver!”.

Source: Ameyawdebrah.com

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