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M3nsa of FOKN Bois Fame In Trouble!


M3nsa of FOKN Bois Fame In Trouble!

155156930_553536Ghanaian musician M3nsa of Foes of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) Bois fame has attracted the insulting sharp tongues of hundreds of people after he sent out a tweet: “ … jesus masturbated once and god forgave him #FleshIsWeak.”

The lyrical twin of Wanlov the Kubolor has been receiving a lot of blasting since he uploaded the blasphemous post on Twitter page Sunday morning.

M3nsa posted the tweet with a picture of him standing in front of Bible House, the building that houses the Ghana Bible Society in Accra.

He publicly stated that he heard the ‘Jesus masturbation’ story from one of the Christian organizations in Ghana but NEWS-ONE would withhold the name of the particular organization the musician mentioned.

When NEWS ONE caught up with Wanlov the Kubolor, he revealed in an exclusive interview that: “ M3nsa went to this organization to seek some clarifications in certain things written in the Bible, but he was rather told that one day when Jesus was an adolescent, he was shaking his penis after urinating to clear the drops of urine left there.

“As he was shaking his penis, he got an erection but he didn’t know what it was. Jesus thought he could get it back down by shaking some more. In the process, he realized that there was some white fluid which was actually semen, coming out of his penis. …This is what M3nsa learnt from this Christian organization,” the ‘Cote Duro’ singer noted.

Earlier in the year, the FOKN Bois received serious bashing on social platform Facebook when he posted “if god made man in his own image then god seff get gay ways”. Like M3nsa’s tweet, it attracted a lot of negative comments from the Christian community.

Below are some of the strong worded comments Wanlov’s post attracted on his page:

Albert Martey: May God have mercy on thee!

Kwame Kay Asante: What do u teach ur followers on dis network?…u alwaes postn stupid tins n u get fools supportn u too… 1 is perfect on dis earth buh u shldnt be usin de Name of God in vain……May God 4gv u dis mrn.

Dobken Dasilva: Check out how he spelt jesus and god, they wer all in small letters…

Miz Afia:HOW hard is it 4 u to UNLIKE DIS PAGE. hypocrates, u dnt lyk him yet u kip checkin up ön his u finkin u fooling? Nufin u gön say wil prick. so SHUP UP. kip ur ‘moralistic’ comments to urself. He didnt beg u to LIKE his page!

Nketiah Ishmael: kubulor u don’t need to insult Jesus to prove to us you an idiot.. everybody knows u are

Delali Gh Taylor: Check ur speech .. God is not to be joked wit….

Wilson Qwesi Akortia: Practice ur satanism n shut up abt stuffs u dnt knw…..such an irresponsible kid.

Tamatey Apizo: oh kobulor…u be kwasiaaaaa paaa..u fool…u r an idiot..outcast….looser…..mad..u r no better than animal…babooo.antichrist…trust me u’ll go to hell if u dnt repent by this week…Allah !!! u r an IDIOT

Source: News One
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