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Majid shocked over AMAA nomination


Majid shocked over AMAA nomination

Actor has expressed shock at making it again on the nomination list of this year's African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

He told NEWS-ONE in a short conversation on Saturday that he did not see it coming as it came to him as a surprise.

“After three nominations in a row, I didn't know I will be nominated this year. I didn't even know which of my movies were submitted. But I am excited to be nominated,” the light-skinned actor said.

This year, he has been nominated for the Best Actor In Leading role category for his role in ‘Pool Party,' directed Frank Rajah.

He is competing with top guns as Ekow Blankson, Themba Ndaba, Patsha Bay, Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean-Louis Antar ‘Laniyan.

This is the third time he has been nominated for that category. In 2009, he nominated for the category for his lead role in Venus 's ‘Agony of the Christ', which was followed by another nomination in 2010 for his role in ‘Sin of the Soul.'

Even though he has not won any of those nominations, he however says, “If I am nominated every year, I will be excited even without winning.”

This year, Majid Michel was among the Ghanaian delegation that went for the AMAA nominees' party in Kenya. He returned home last week .

After the nomination list came out, some media house omitted his name from the nomination list. For some people, it was a clear sign of sabotage.

But Majid considered it an oversight because he did not see why the media would do that.

Meanwhile, he was not too optimistic about winning this year's category.

“I can't tell. It will be very difficult to tell if I will win or not. I like it to be a surprise. It is entertaining. For it is fun. If I win, it will be a surprise to me and if I don't, it will be a surprise to me as well.”

Last year, Majid picked two sterling awards including Ghana Movie Awards' best actor in leading role for English movies and Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA) best actor.

AMAA is his first nomination for an award for this year.

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