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Male Model Win With Azonto


Male Model Win With Azonto

Twenty-two-year-old Nigerian Osaze Ayo was the male winner of the December edition of the Exopa New Faces fashion and modelling competition.

He has said he could not have won the event without fusing Ghana’s infamous Azonto dance with Nigeria’s long time Alanta dance during the contest’s dance segment. Osaze sparkled at the Exopa Burg on December 29, 2011 when he stepped on the runway for the dance category.
It was not obvious he was going to win during the catwalk though he displayed an exceptional modelling aptitude.

But he proved himself with a fusion of Azonto and Alanta steps during the dance category, winning over the crowd who thronged the Exopa Burg. It was indeed exciting to watch how he made his moves, an indication that he respects both Ghanaian and Nigerian cultures.
He told NEWS-ONE that he thought about doing something different during the night, hence the fusion of Azonto dance, which was being exploited by every competitor, with Alanta.

“I tried to add Alanta which made it unique. Alanta is a popular dance in Nigeria and mixing it with a popular dance in Ghana was all I needed to get the judges and the crowd. It worked for me. I am really happy.” He also said that modelling makes him happy and that was why he joined the competition.

“I love public attention, hence I always want to be in front of a crowd and the modelling is a good opportunity for me to exploit that intention. I want to be a top model. Currently, I look up to a number of models including Sima Ibrahim. I heard about him while in Nigeria. I saw him model and I think he has talent.” Osaze is a Nigerian from Edo state. He lived in Nigeria most of his life, where he also had his education. He came to Ghana January last year.

He attended Robeu College where he studied Arts and Science. He later enrolled at the Pepsi Academy in Lagos. Subsequently, he tried out for the under-16 qualifier to play on Nigeria’s national team but his luck didn’t shine. He decided to come to Ghana to visit his sister and also make hay while the sun shines. He currently plays soccer for a local team in Ghana and is trying his hands at showbiz.

The Exopa New Face contest will return this month with a big bang. Last month’s female winner alongside Osaze Ayo was Millicent, a 22-year-old former student of Aburi Girls Senior High School.
NEWS-ONE had an exclusive with her which will be made public in a subsequent edition. The show is organised every last Saturday of the month and this month’s is promised to give fans exciting moments to start the 2012 edition with.


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