Maurice Ampaw to release steamy videos of Sarah Kwabla

Maurice Ampaw to release steamy videos of Sarah Kwabla

Ghanaians and observers across the world are happily cheering on as the Asamoah Gyan-Sarah Kwabla saga continues. Following the recent release of some steamy videos of Sarah Kwabla, famed counsel, Maurice Ampaw has stated that the viral tapes were allegedly released by the Gyan camp, can state. Speaking with Amanda on Hitz Fm, he said that the videos are truly those of his client Sarah, and that the raunchy videos were exchanged with the Black Stars captain while they were still crazily in love with each other. Oh love! See what you have done? He went on to state that, they (The Kwabla camp) also have ‘very wild’ videos of Asamoah Gyan partaking in various sexual acts, including one which involves Asamoah Gyan Masturbating. Eww!! Disgusting! Why should someone threaten to release such video? Awful counsel. According to, Sarah’s Lawyer Ampaw claims to have these videos which Asamoah Gyan sent to her in exchange for her’s through Skype. Gyan asked Sarah to delete all the said videos of his during the exchange but she kept some after pleading with the star player to delete hers, now it seems they are in a video release war. Honestly, these never trusted themselves let alone being in love. We hope the two of you resolve your video fight and keep these awful videos away from public eyes. We see enough in life already.


By Antwi Odrey|

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