Maxi skirts still significant

imagesMaxi skirt also referred to as ‘long skirt’ has lost its standing since skinny skirts engaged the fancy of wearers. Until recently, it was very difficult to find ladies in maxi skirts as compared to pencil skirts.

Maxi skirts are slightly gathered with a comfortable elastic waist. Made of different colours, it doesn’t really show the body shape of ladies as compared to skinny jeans and pencil skirt.

The most beautiful thing about the maxi skirt is that, it can be worn casually and officially. And no matter the height of the wearer, one can wear this skirt and look fabulous.

Besides choosing the right fabric, matching it with a pretty top and picking complementary shoes are all tips to looking good in the maxi skirt.

For slim ladies, a loose top will make them look bigger and taller while heavy ladies in a tight top will hide more flesh and look elegant.

Amazingly, crop tops look great with maxi skirts. The skirt lengthens the body even though the top stops at the waist.

Metallic tops can also look good with maxi skirts and sometimes adding a belt improves the final look.

Try these simple outfits with a couple of peasant tops to create a gorgeous ensemble. Click ‘Photos’ for beautiful maxi skirt samples.


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