Song title : MCMXCIII 
Artiste: Adraxx (@adraxx_)
Produced by: Henry Deey (@henrydeey)



Break's over. Ayo Dee! Turn me on!

[Verse 1]
Twenty one and over, it's like i'm in a movie
Got a couple of great scenes but it's not always been groovy
Seen the sins in all these scenes, since they're all a part of my story
I'll embrace it all; the good, bad, cheerful and the gloomy
Man! Where do i begin?
Born sinner into a cold world, should have been named Jermaine
Forbidden fruit and when i bit it, i barely can ascertain
With all this brainstorming lately, hope i make it through the rain still sane
They be saying i was born of a different hue
Prolly like Huey, i see from a different point of view
Quite easily misunderstood; i leave 'em hanging with no clues
How you gon' understand my walk if you've never been in my shoes
But let he without sin step forward and cast the first stone
I can't pretend like i don't sing the same song along
Labelling people from afar, hasty conclusions
I prolly always got the right things quite easily wrong
Granny always tells me "life's what you make it", so i
Look past the bullshit, steadily focused on the bull's eye
Never giving up on nothing till i'm soaring high above the sky
So carpe diem is mine mantra before mine time is nigh
This life has never been an easy fight
But as hard as it gets I'm still gon' make it through the wire
Till i get to the finish line i'm never ever gon' retire
And that's word up to my momma, "i got you, no need to tire"

Looking at myself and into my eyes
Life has been a hell of a journey, man 21
Julys got me sitting by myself questioning
All the shit I'm going through, all the ups and downs, man, What does the future hold for me?
The path has been bumpy, the path tells my story
The path holds me back but surely i will be back up
I see a rainbow, the bumpy path will be my stepping stone
21 and over, I'm moving on

[Verse 2]
I'm here to generate some buzz with the bars i bust on these bass lines
Bust your mind, make you clap every other time i bust a rhyme
LOL i'm just kidding; here to tell the tales of mine
And y'all bear in mind as you hear these tales that i'm baring my mind
My man Roger, he marshalled me into all of these rap matters
Bumping Marshall Mathers' CDs asking me "boy, you roger that"?
"I copy!", recalling how Em's art cut through my heart
And my momma always caught me mimicking all of them rap acts
Well, now here i am painting a self-portrait
Hoping you like what i do; i pray you double tap it
Keep my head up, wrestling my way all the way to the top of it
They try to pin me down but I still rise above the hate
Not even on tour yet but they be hating on a brother low-key
Never bothered, i'll hammer every tour i'll ever be on. Believe me!
But leave me to follow my own heart and live free
I may be bruised but to die hard is really what my will is
They told me "boy, just quit it yo! You don't have the finesse
To progress. Just redress or prolly egress"
But oh well, not throwing it in nevertheless
Just carry on and hope my career wouldn't be just a jest
And for the record, unsigned but you know, still keep it real
You know the deal, records we'll kill, of runs to come this just a drill
Never dumb it down even after a couple of bills
And let this sink in; of the iceberg this is just the tip!

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